pic1We tried something new with the gel scent candle recipe and added homemade acorn scent. This gel scent candle will last much longer than the acorn scent spray and is of course reusable!

a. 1 cup distilled water
b. 2 oz. unflavored granulated gelatin (e.g. Knox)
c. 1 tbsp. salt
d. 1 cup of acorn scented water (from boiling acorns)
e. Glass jar(s) with lid

First, heat 1 cup of distilled water until boiling.
Second, stir in 2 oz. of unflavored gelatin plus 1 tbsp of salt until completely dissolved.
Third, remove the mixture from the heat and stir in 1 cup of room temperature (acorn scented) water into the mixture.
Fourth, pour mixture into glass jars and put the lid on. Store in refrigerator for few hours. When you are ready to hunt take the lid off and put in desired location

There are many great ideas out there for the different types of scents that you could use and different applications. Please do share your thoughts and experiences!

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