You can go further and turn your scents into basically a gel air freshener for deer hunting. This will require a few more steps and more ingredients, but the end result will be very useful.


a. 2 cups distilled water
b. 2 oz. unflavored granulated gelatin (e.g. Knox)
c. 1 tbsp. salt
d. 1 tablespoon extract or other scent (e.g. vanilla, acorn, anise etc.)
e. Glass jar(s) with lid


First, heat 1 cup of distilled water until boiling.
stir in 2 oz. of unflavored gelatin plus 1 tbsp of salt until completely dissolved.
Third, remove the mixture from the heat and stir another 1 cup of room temperature water into the mixture.
add 1 tablespoon of extract or other scent (e.g. vanilla, acorn, etc.).
Fifth, pour mixture into glass jars and put the lid on. Store in refrigerator for few hours. When you are ready to hunt take the lid off and put in desired location.

Please let me know your ideas here! I can’t wait to hear how other people might use this!