About Us

We believe fishing and hunting is a way of life and not just a hobby. You often hear people say “I’m a hunter” or “I’m a Fisherman” when they describe themselves, but rarely “I’m a skier” or “I’m a golfer”. Outdoor Enthusiasts inherently have a do-it-yourself mentality and pioneering spirit combined with a large appetite for adventure and a challenge. There is no guarantee or universal formula for success in the woods and hunters and fishermen have to constantly be improving their skills and toning their senses.
We want to hear from both avid Outdoorsmen and aspiring Outdoorsmen alike. The deer hunters that spend countless hours studying deer behavior and planning their hunt well before the season even begins. Or the bass fishermen that want to know how things work, why bass behave a certain way, or how they can improve their strategies by talking with other fishermen.
Our History

Like most hunters and fishermen alike, I’ve spent countless hours thinking of ways to give myself an edge in the woods or on the lake. I started out with very little knowledge of the outdoors and learned a great deal by trial and error. In fact, I didn’t see that many deer the first couple years hunting and it was hard work attracting deer to our area or locating and catching fish on the lake.

Over the years, my friends, family, and I have experimented with literally dozens of homemade recipes for deer hunting scents and attractants and other do-it-yourself strategies for all types of hunting and fishing. We’ve had a lot of success and many of the tips & tricks I now use today actually came from other outdoorsmen. I’ve found that most hunters and fishermen I meet have at least one or two homemade recipes for lures, attractants, or other DIY strategies they use and have had success.

Today, implementing these homemade tips and strategies for all things hunting and fishing is one of my favorite things to do as well as my friends’ and family’s. So, we wanted to share our ideas with other hunters, fishermen, and also hear their ideas and stories.

Our Mission

It is our mission to create an online community where outdoorsmen can share their ideas and experiences with other like-minded outdoorsmen about homemade tips & strategies for all things fishing and hunting.

Furthermore, we want to connect and encourage other outdoorsmen all across America that are interested to start learning and applying more homemade and other do-it-yourself type strategies for fishing and hunting.

ATTENTION:  Laws and regulations regarding feeding or baiting of wildlife vary by location.  Always check federal, state, and local regulations before attempting anything contained within this website, including content uploaded by its users.  Be careful, and always seek the advice of trained professionals before attempting any procedures at home.