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We started making our own peanut butter by simply blending roasted peanuts with peanut oil, but realized its still difficult to find large quantities of roasted peanuts for a reasonable price. However, they are now offering 50lb bags of Roasted Soybeans at feed stores. It is still pretty expensive, but much cheaper than buying that many roasted peanuts.




1. Roasted Soybeans
2. Peanut Oil


  • Add two cups of roasted soybeans in blender and crush to the consistency of regular coffee grind.
  • Add 2/3 cup of oil and turn blender on low speed to mix ingredients.
  • Continue to add more oil until you get the consistency you desire.

You can experiment same as with the homemade peanut butter, including adding some molasses or even throw in some acorns or something that deer are already eating in your area.

It would be great to hear different ways to apply larger amounts of peanut/soybean butter since we can make large quantities cheaper now!