Well, everyone its now August and its time to start to get serious about the up and coming archery season.

If you are like me I have been watching and pattering deer moving stands through out the summer and we are soon going to see if its going to pay off.

I have been reading a lot about home made scents and blocks in blogs and in posts.

Just wanted to give my two cents

I have found that scents and bait blocks are hit and miss in the early season. there is so much food out there that its hard to get deer on these this early.

now for what I know works…

I have found mineral pits have the most activity this time of year. try and start one near your stand.

The best I found is to loosen the dirt in a 4 foot spot and to poor one part dicalcium phosphate 2 parts trace mineral salt and one part loose stock salt (if you want to give it a kick add deer cane to the mix). If you do not want to go through this you can buy the pre mixed mineral at any feed store. or a salt/mineral block will work.

In the early season they need the extra minerals for there bones and antlers

good luck!